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4 simple steps to change CPA

Perhaps you are hesitating to change your CPA in France? You think it’s too complicated, that it’s going to take too long?

Think again! The procedure laid down by French law and the French Order of Chartered Accountants is very simple: the entire transfer is the responsibility of the new CPA.
In short, you have nothing to do!

4 simple steps

By default, the engagement letter signed with a French CPA includes a tacit annual renewal. In general, you can denounce the contract 3 months before the end of your fiscal year. This denunciation must of course be sent to your accountant by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Once your letter has been sent, we will take over. The Blendy by Cogesten teams will take charge of the whole process of taking over and recover from our colleague all the elements of your file. Without you having to intervene!

  1. We first send a letter of ethics to our colleague. This letter informs him of your wish to transfer your accounts to Blendy and to confirm with him that there is nothing to prevent this transfer.
  2. Without any return from him within 15 days, we sign our engagement letter with you. This letter includes the various missions that we have agreed together beforehand.
  3. We then make sure that we recover all your accounting elements and books from your previous accountant.
  4. We can then begin our collaboration by starting training you in your new digital tools (including QuickBooks, Receipt Bank, etc.).

Why work with Blendy by Cogesten

Blendy by Cogesten has been a QuickBooks and Receipt Bank certified digital accounting firm for over 15 years.

Our goal: automate your accounting to save you time and allow you to focus on what matters most: developing your business!
Our particularity: our perfect knowledge of all tools and apps that you can connect to your accounting to streamline your financial processes!

Reduce your administrative tasks with no added value!

No more need to print and send your documents by mail to your accountant every month. With Receipt Bank simply scan your documents, invoices, expense reports, etc. with your smartphone. The application will immediately transfer these elements to your accounting under QuickBooks. QuickBooks, on the other hand, will read the information and automatically create the corresponding accounting entries. Then, the Blendy by Cogesten teams will simply check that everything has been recorded correctly and make adjustments if necessary.

You no longer lose documents. And a copy of every invoice, expense report, etc. is saved online and accessible at any time.

And you can even edit and send your own invoices directly from QuickBooks (see all features).

Connect all your apps!

QuickBooks is one of the accounting software most used by SMEs and start-ups in the world. It offers many functionalities and allows you to create, send and restart your customer invoices very easily.

Furthermore, thanks to QuickBooks you can connect more than 500 apps:

  • Stripe or PayPal to easily manage the incoming payments recorded via your e-shop or website.
  • Tiller or Tactill to connect your cash register in a shop.
  • Qonto or Libeo to better manage your cash receipts, supplier payments, and therefore your cash flow.
  • erplain, Shopify or Prestashop to optimize your stocks and your eCommerce.
  • Sellsy or Hubspot to optimize your commercial approach.
  • Or Slack to faster exchange with the teams…

This will further automate and streamline your finance process.

And for the configuration and integration with QuickBooks, at Blendy a dedicated team will support you at all times throughout our collaboration.

Access your financial data in real time!

Don’t wait any longer for your annual balance sheet to have all your figures and key indicators at your disposal. With QuickBooks you have access at any time to advanced management reports updated in real time. For example, you can follow your turnover and expenses, your supplier invoices due and the customer invoices to be collected to better control your cash flow.

And Blendy’s teams provide ongoing advice to efficiently support your business. In particular, they work with you to define the strategies, tools and processes capable of maximising your use of QuickBooks and your various connected apps.

What are you waiting for?

Talk to our teams now! You will be surprised by the ease of implementation and the comfort of use of our digital tools. The guarantee of daily gains in efficiency and the ability to finally devote your time to what really matters.

With Blendy by Cogesten, QuickBooks certified digital accountant, support (at last) the development of your business with smart apps.

By Noham

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